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How it works

Why Snap?
Snap is a same-day grocery delivery service that's been designed with your needs at heart.
We developed Snap for folks that want groceries delivered directly to their door without the hassle and time spent driving across town battling traffic and parking, let alone queues at the store. We do all the hard work for you.
Gone are the days of next week delivery, or irrelevant substitutes, product cancellations, or poor a delivery experience.
Snap offers you your very own personal shopper who'll do your grocery shop for you, and even txt or call you if some products aren't available in-store. They'll then head over to your place to drop them off - with a smile. You can even track their progress along the way.
Our service has been designed to serve the needs of our customers offering our unique personal shopper service.
Snap Personal Shopper & Delivery - From $7.99
Depending on the store the Snap Delivery fee starts at $7.99 up to $18.99 for a grocery shop for a delivery within your city. Place your order and we'll do your shop and deliver it to you at your selected time and date.
We charge the Snap Personal Shopper and Delivery fee for our personal shopper and delivery service plus your grocery costs.
In short Snap Delivery is the hassle-free, same-day (when available) way to shop for your groceries and more using our friendly and caring personal shoppers. 
Customer benefits;
  • Access to our friendly and caring personal shoppers.
  • Same day delivery from New Zealand grocers and specialty stores.
  • The ability to shop from a range of mainstream grocery stores, as well as niche specialty stores who aren’t online in their own right.
  • Contactless shopping.
  • Helping vulnerable customers at this difficult time.